”Shift it baby” i Kulturgaraget Blåsmark

2 kvällar, 2 underbara personer
29/5 & 31/5. - 19:00

SHIFT IT BABY stand alone as a Blues & Roots, Jazz, Folk & Rock Duo. Using only voice, guitar & percussion, their minimalistic feel to music creates a full sound with rhythmic & melodic subtleties.
With their own unique style, live concerts are a place for them to connect with the audience, creating a memorable and joyful experience. Their originals are very personal and inspired through their own life journeys, individually & together. Covers, also performed in their own style bring surprises that have been known to captivate audiences.

Robyn Wyman (Vocals) & Thilo Muendel (Guitar) met some years ago at a jam session in Australia. They just clicked, so decided to take a road trip & play everywhere -Blues Bars in Bangkok, candle lit wineries in Spain, a Castle in Czech Republic, concert stages in India (with a famous Bollywood singer), Arts festivals in Germany and everything in between. Robyn also sang the National Anthem for the world Kick boxing championships which was aired in75 countries around the world. They have been based in Germany for the past few years and are excited to be coming to Sweden to promote their C.D. ''Cool Change'' which includes the poppy number ''I can't Live without you'' which


Datum & Tid
2018-05-29 kl 19:00 - 21:00
Det händer i Piteå landsbygd


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