Ettbetygskurs träff nr 3

Kapitel tre som handlar om Bordeaux. Vindistrikt (geografi), vintyper, druvor och klassificeringen av viner i de olika distrikten.
Vi dricker fyra viner: ett enkelt rött och ett bättre rött från Bordeaux (Le Cardinal respektive Chateau Cantemerle; The 2006 vintage united all the conditions necessary for producing a great wine. First, there was the weather: from May through October there was a dry and sunny spell the likes of which Bordeaux has never seen. Bearing little comparison with the heat wave of 2003, this summer was marked by an exceptional degree of sunshine, which fully benefitted the grapes. Then there was the quality of the harvest: completely free of rot and disease, the picking took place without haste, allowing each grape variety to achieve full ripeness. Everything was brought in exactly at the right moment, without threat of rain.
While still aging in barrel the wine already expressed the excellence of this superb year, offering an unctuous composition, stunning length on the palate, a wide aromatic range, and a sumptuous display of ripe fruit. This very promising wine is already remarkable with great balance and a density of tannins that is barely perceptible beneath a beautiful layer of fruitiness. Everything indicates that this is one of the greatest vintages of Cantemerle in the past half-century.)
Sedan dricker vi två röda från Bourogne ett enkelt (Bourgogne Rouge )och ett bättre (Gevrey-Chambertin La Justice 2005)


Datum & Tid
2009-11-03 (Hela dagen)
Druvkursen 0809


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